The Sudden and Freakish Rise of Cyber Hate Groups

An introspective examination of the unprecedented rise of spiritual intolerance in our online communities

As a published journalist and writer, I’ve spent thousands of hours researching and doing follow-up work on countless subjects that demanded I find the most heart-rending ways of imparting reasoning with an intelligent choice. My belief is that simply reading an article without experiencing an evolution in emotional growth or change, to whatever degree, is a useless waste of time for the reader. Unless the reader is emotionally called to invest in the promise of a redemptive or morally driven storyline, or to some degree to move toward a genuine level of heart altering arousal, the resulting natural retention will most likely turn that read into a short-term memory moment. I tend to research story material that inspires emotional substance while also promising change. And always, to some measure generates actionable hope for a better world.

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