The Trout, a Shell Game, and Be Scofield

When I was still quite young, every summer my parents would pack up my two sisters, my brother and me, and stuff us into our go-anywhere Land Rover to drive cross-country to Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. My dear departed grandfather owned a beautiful cottage lakeside estate there. One particular summer presented a defining moment in my life. It was the year “grandfather and father” agreed it was time to induct my brother and me into our family trout fishing ritual. I was beyond excited; my brother, a lot less so. But that’s another story. To get to my point, what I remember most from that experience was that first trout I reeled in. Not the assumed thrill of the catch, but that awful moment when I saw that eight-inch silver splendor gasping for air in the grip of my hand. That was the day I realized I had little stomach for fishing. That was also the day when I had my first gut feeling; one day, I’d be a vegetarian. Today, I’m vegan!

Those feelings of concern never developed into a similar sympathy for certain people. I care; genuinely I do. I sincerely feel empathy for family, friends, and I am determinedly moved to compassion whenever a child or animal is harmed. Resultantly, I frequently find myself moved, if not driven, to fight back against the useless wrongs people inflict on each other, often for nothing more than their heartless need for ego-recognition. This brings me to my reason for writing another piece on Be Scofield. She is the poster girl for everything that drives me to defend the innocent.  

I started Baxter’s Journal’s website to post a few altruistic pieces I had brewing in the back of my mind, mostly on religious intolerance and trending social injustices. I came to know who Scofield was through the defaming pieces she hashed out on a sexual revolutionary, Alexa Vartman, a lovely and highly fashion-oriented new age seminar leader, Teal Swan. And, a mainstream corporate guru, Bentinho Massaro. Viewing Scofield’s zealous betrayal of journalistic ethics exampled in her online attacks of these three icons stayed with me until I set up my website in the early part of this year. Since then, I witnessed even worse, and will no doubt see more to come. Those hyped up and discernibly fake pieces Scofield wrote, and most everything else she wrote over the last decade, roused that burning fight-back sense of urgency in me. I see her work as a prime example of the kind of spiritual intolerance I now feature recurrently on my website. I wasn’t sure if my new website was going to work out as an ongoing effort, but I have enough get-up-and-go, and technical knowhow to keep it up; at least for now. I’m internet savvy and well trained in security, so my first step was to set my site up safely overseas. That’s the single best way to maintain sovereign security. We can no longer buy any worthwhile security in the US. It was a safekeeping I knew I’d need once I started ruffling a few feathers.

I hadn’t intended to focus so entirely on Spiritual intolerance. I hoped to start broader and work my way into an interested audience that would respond through providing supportive feedback, helping me refine my focus and direction along the way. After my first Scofield piece, several requests came in to keep it up, so I stayed the course. There’s a difference between religious intolerance, which already has a well-built legal advocacy for defending the insulted, and our still-young world of trending spiritual group intolerance. Groups that are zealously singled out and bashed by a few culprits like Scofield, as if they have no right to be.

Over the last few years, I watched in near disbelief as Scofield cooked up story after story, purposefully smearing lives and doing her online reputation damage. Originally, I intended only to research her effort at exposing deceptive spiritual leaders. The more I dove into my research, the more I realized Scofield was the deceptive one. That’s a bold statement, but it nearly always came to that. Very little that she writes has any accuracy or substance. What makes her work appear real is her cunning talent for deceiving her readers through sham-befriending her audience, and then manipulating their emotions. Again, and again, I was astonished how little of her blogging matched reality. Her work is at best, across-the-board debauchery. I might have found it comical if it wasn’t so heart-rending in its effect on innocent people’s lives. Fortunately, there seems to be a guru-bashing blowback trending. It’s on the horizon. Many of the people who were unjustly hurt by her are starting to show some willingness to fight back. I see real trouble in the air for the dark inquisitor of cult bashing. Her days are numbered, and those that are still supporting her are soon going to feel the sting.

Occasionally I hear from a Scofield-weary mole who is still prowling her Facebook friends list. She sent me a snapshot of her latest private page posts. A new one just came up. It’s meant to be read in her secret FB underground, kept moderately secret behind her handy wall of guarded security settings where she controls all the narratives and comments. In her post, she desperately tries to bash a man named Alexander Vera and another man named Alexander Fred, along with a website called “Culture or Cult,” and me. Apparently, we all got under her skin, enough to shake up her ego standing beyond repair. We did so through exposing her bogus blogging efforts as shams, in repeatedly uncovering her lies and secret agendas behind her fake stories. Viewing her desperate attempt at conveniently putting the blame for all her troubles into one manageable package, and claiming one person was responsible for everything that exposed her tactics, was a lot like watching that desperately gasping fish I witnessed dying in my hands.  
Scofield began her new backroom post like it’s an official news flash: Extra, extra, read all about it. Along with her usual, “Scofield is the best in the world,” guff.  

Scofield’s news flash: “Alexander Fred of Dayton, Ohio has been identified as the person behind a string of anonymous articles, and fake news stories”As a result, I’m in contact with the FBI cyber crimes unit, and lawyers to file cyberstalking charges and a lawsuit.He’s published that I’m a fugitive on the run evading numerous criminal charges, a druggie, a rapist, pedophile, a dangerous sociopath, and an attempted murderer.”

If Fred had written those things, I’m not entirely in disagreement. I have been researching her hit pieces quite thoroughly, along with most all of the articles written by others who stood up to her. I also read a related article written by a psychologist, Robert B. who offered his professional analysis of her, stating in no uncertain terms that “Scofield is a hostile sociopath.” I also read an Austrian article published by Anke Richter, involving an interview where Scofield bragged about always being on the move and never answering her phone, which she does to avoid any potential legal summons. I also read a now defunct article that was removed from being online, by the author, Erin. It described his horrific ordeal with Scofield, who he accuses of drugging and then raping him when he was 14 years old. He detailed the event that he alleged took place in Berkeley, California, nine years ago, before Scofield went transgender. But nowhere have I seen anyone come forward to accuse Scofield of “attempted murder.”

I’m relatively good at doing my job but was not able to find any tangible evidence that Alexander Fred had anything to do with her claims. But that isn’t at all surprising. She attempted to create the impression that the FBI is daft enough to cater to her whims, and that they are secretly setting up a stealth task force to take Alexander Fred down for his crimes against her.

There’s a true story circulating online that anyone can read or view on YouTube. It involves two drug dealers transporting drugs illegally across a border. They imagine the police are following them. To resolve this issue, they decide to call 911 to complain to the police dispatcher that they were once caught transporting contraband across the border, and would like the police to stop following them. They were arrested shortly after with a trunk full of drugs. I see close similarities in Scofield’s claim that she went to the FBI to report cyber-stalking. Scofield is a serial cyber-stalker talking to the FBI to accuse online journalists, who are attempting to expose her criminal activity, of being the stalkers. A renowned novelist, Bernard Malamud, once wrote, “Where do you look if you’ve lost your mind?” Doing all she can to deny her own insanity, Be Scofield looks at others. Yes, that’s insane!

Keep in mind; Scofield is a self-ordained cult-bashing blogger who deceptively seeks attention anyway she can get it. Is it even comprehendible that she expects the FBI to believe she’s being cyberstalked? I’m quite sure what her supposed lawsuit lawyers, (which don’t exist) and those FBI cyber investigators must be thinking right now. 
— O’ Be Scofield: “The muses doe attend upon your throne, with all the world at your beck and call!”

Scofield: “As a highly prominent journalist, exposing and shutting down cults, I’ve been followed, videoed, hacked, slandered, falsely accused, given death threats and repeatedly attacked online.”

Not really! First, she’s not highly prominent. She’s a blogger. And, that’s what she encourages her unimaginative followers to do to the people she regularly bashes in her stories, which she’s repeatedly been seen bragging about on Facebook. In her discernable “I’m a victim post,” she included: “People want to personally destroy and kill me.”

I can’t really disagree with that, that might actually be true. You know that old saying, “Do unto others…”

This next part was particularly amusing for me.

Scofield wrote: “Using my digital sleuth skills and a forensic writing analysis program I’ve recently uncovered a multi-layered plot by SEO specialist Alexander Fred to falsely accuse me of rape, defame me and attack my work. He’s used the similarly patterned aliases Robert B. / J. Baxter, W. Fromm, and one that uses his real first name, Alexander Vera, to write fake news stories and slanderous articles about me.”

You may have missed that, that’s me, J. Baxter, being accused of being Robert, Fred, Fromm and Vera.  When I read this accusation, I had to wonder; did she make that analysis comparison in her own secret forensic lab. Is that where she also keeps her vampire stakes and holy water?

Scofield wrote: “He built two nearly identically themed websites “Culture or Cult” and “Baxter’s Journal,” setup multiple writer profiles and created a Reddit sub-thread all solely dedicated to attacking me.

That’s a pretty glanderous claim. That anyone would care enough to do all that. I do know Fromm. I briefly wrote about him in one of my articles. I hope to feature some investigative work in the near future. He’s a friend and masterful international legal investigator who I met years ago in London. He recently did me a favor by investigating one of Scofield’s cohorts, Anke Richter. She seems to mysteriously appear whenever Scofield desperately needs an online praise writer to heralding her glory, which struck me as oddly convenient. I’m based in New York, so I asked Fromm to investigate. Richter is from Germany. Fromm is German and works internationally. I thought he’d have more access. He posted an article on my site when I was rock climbing, out of range from any cell reception. He sent it to me via my webmaster pal, who I earlier let know that Fromm might be submitting some work. She misunderstood that as a go-ahead and right away posted it on my site. When I cell-connected again, I realized what he wrote was so strongly scathing I decided to take it down. Fromm doesn’t mince words. Unlike Scofield, who is mostly wrong, he never is. But what he uncovered was simply too dark. Not about Richter, but Be Scofield. I won’t post that unless I have enough evidence to get past any concerns of potentially or inadvertency libeling her. I need more substantiating facts.

I am not involved in Culture or Cult in any way! I don’t have any articles there, not yet, though I may soon. They seem to be on the right track. It’s a cool site. “Rebels with a cause.” I do however see why she’s intimidated by them. Culture or Cult has allowed a few good writers to post their momentous acumens on her. Right there for everyone to read: Take a look.

I’m not Robert B.! I’m not Alexander Vera! I’m not Fromm! And, I’m not Alexander Fred! I don’t yet interact on Reddit! But all the same, I’d like to take this moment to congratulate Be Scofield on her usual and thorough “sleuth” work.

Be Scofield wrote: Both and Baxter’s Journal are WordPress sites that use Cloudflare to mask their identities. Both use overseas hosting to avoid US legal and civil prosecution.

Not surprising: This is a prime example of how Scofield presents her evidence, this time through banally relating misplaced circumstantial similarities. This is how she cooks up her articles. She lauds her new “sleuthed” discoveries. Here she insinuates misdirects through first correctly stating that my website uses WordPress and Cloudflare. She then asserts that claim as if that is somehow a technical marvel and hard to discover, and that it’s damning evidence! When in fact, that’s very easy to determine, using only grade school computer skills.  She asserts Culture or Cult website also uses WordPress, and Cloudflare. She then asserts, because those websites have those two things in common, she sleuthed definitive evidence that they are one and the same. What she opportunely fails to reveal is WordPress is the single largest website platform in the world. One out of every three websites use WordPress. In fact, WordPress holds a market share of 34% of all the websites in the world. That adds up to approximately 1,200,000,000 WordPress users. She also fails to write she too uses WordPress as her website platform. And she too uses Cloudflare. And she too uses an offshore platform outside of US jurisdiction. Cloudflare is a free service that has over 193 data centers around the world, with over 20,000,000 users. If we read her claim correctly, that would mean Scofield might also be the owner of Culture or Cult, and Baxter’s Journal website. Sadly, that is precisely how she writes her stories, playing her accusations like a shell game that relies on her audience’s inability to keep up.

Scofield: “Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass an individual, group, or organization…It may include false accusations, defamation, slander, and libel…” I’m hopeful that working with the proper authorities will lead to a conviction. He’s also severely defamed me and I am pursuing a lawsuit against him.”

That cyberstalking claim is perhaps the most accurate description yet of what Scofield does ongoing. Stalk, harass, online and offline, and use defamation, slander, and libel to get her intentions into play?