The Trout, a Shell Game, and Be Scofield

When I was still very young, each summer my parents would pack up my brother and my two sisters, stuff us into our go-anywhere Land Rover, and drive us cross-country to Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. My now departed grandfather owned a lakeside estate there. This was the year “grandfather and son” had agreed it was time to induct my brother and me in the family tradition of summer trout fishing. I was genuinely excited; my brother, a little less so. But that’s another story. To get to the point, what I remember most from that experience was that first trout I reeled in. Not the supposed thrill of the catch, but that awful moment when I saw that eight-inch silver splendor gasping for air in the palm of my hand. That was the day I realized I had little stomach for more fishing. That was also the day when I had a gut feeling, one day, I’d be a vegetarian. Today, I’m a vegan! 

Those feelings of dread somehow never transferred into a straight-out sympathy for people. I do care; genuinely I do. I sincerely love my family, friends, and often strangers I’ve not actually met. But I also find myself repeatedly moved to fight back against the useless wrongs people do to each other, often for nothing more than a callous need for ego-recognition. This brings me to my reason for writing this piece. Be Scofield!

I started Baxter’s Journals website to post a few altruistic pieces I had brewing in the back of my mind on religious intolerance and trending social injustices. I came to know who Scofield was through her defaming pieces she hashed together on a sexual revolutionary, Alexa Vartman, and a mainstream corporate guru, Bentinho Massaro. That stayed with me until I set up my website in the early part of this year. Those hyped up and discernibly fake pieces Scofield wrote on Vartman and Massaro had left a sore impression in me. I recognized her work as a star-spangled example of the kind of spiritual intolerance I had intended to feature on my site. I wasn’t sure at the time if that was going to work out as an ongoing theme, but I have the get-up-and-go, and the technical knowhow. I’m internet savvy and well trained in security, so my first step was to set my site up safely overseas. That’s the single best way to maintain sovereign security. You just can’t buy that in the US. It was a safekeeping I knew I’d need once I started ruffling a few feathers.

I manage three other websites I created a few years ago, featuring my investigated pieces on differing subjects. One of which works hand in hand with a flood of felonious criminal topics. Mostly, I work using adroit pseudonyms, aliases that give me the reassurance and cover I need to do my work efficaciously. In my new “Baxter’s journals” site, that penname rule is also duly in play.

I hadn’t intended to focus entirely on Spiritual intolerance. My hope was to start broadly and work my way into an interested audience that would gradually respond through providing feedback, giving more focus in direction. After my first Scofield piece, a few empathetic requests came in to keep it up, so I stayed the course with the intolerance theme. It’s important that the reader understand, my site isn’t dedicated to religious intolerance. There’s a difference here between religious intolerance which already has a well-built advocacy for defending the insulted, and our still young world of trending spiritual groups. Particularly New Age, Yogic, and Asian groups that have been zealously singled out and bashed by a few culprits like Scofield, as if they have no right to be.

I watched in dismay as Scofield cooked up story after story, maligning lives and doing her online reputation damage. The more I dove in to my research, the more I realized that she was, well, to say it simply, either insane, or outright evil. That’s a bold statement, but I know it comes down to that because I am a schooled investigative journalist. And, with the help of a few friends in other investigative circles, I’m a darn good one! After doing quite a bit of follow up investigation on the stories Scofield wrote, I was astonished how so very little of what she wrote matched reality. Her work is so unethically contrived, I found it caustically comical, if it wasn’t so heart-rending in its effect on innocent people’s lives. What’s more, this civil debauchery has been going on unchecked for over nine years. Until recently. There seems to be a spirituality bashing blowback trending upward. It’s in the horizon, and a lot of those people are really pissed. As a result, I now see some real trouble in the air for the dark queen of cult bashing.

I occasionally hear from a Scofield-weary mole who is still in her Facebook friends list. She sent me a snapshot of her latest article. It just came out, though it’s not yet posted on her Gurumag site. I think it’s expected to be a bit more clandestine, kept moderately private behind her handy wall of guarded security where she controls the entire narrative. Obviously, it’s meant just for her secret entourage of cult followers. In her piece she bashes a man named Alexander Fred, me and my website, and another website called “Culture or Cult.”

Before I go any further, I must warn you, viewing her desperate attempt at bashing me, and another person she thinks I am, in which she accuses me of spending all my waking ours conspiring against her, is a lot like watching that desperately gasping fish I had dying in my hand’s years ago. It’s not for the faint of heart. Regardless of the wicked things she’s done to the people in her fake stories, I kind of feel sorry for her.

Even so, let’s take a close look at that story now. Stick around; this should be interesting, regardless of which side of the aisle you’re on.

Scofield begins her new piece like it’s an official news flash: “Extra, extra, read all about it.” along with her usual, “I’m the chosen one,” guff.  

Scofield: “Alexander Fred of Dayton, Ohio has been identified as the person behind a string of anonymous articles, and fake news stories”As a result, I’m in contact with the FBI cyber crimes unit, and lawyers to file cyberstalking charges and a lawsuit.He’s published that I’m a fugitive on the run evading numerous criminal charges, a druggie, a rapist, pedophile, a dangerous sociopath, and an attempted murderer.”

If he had written those things, I’m not entirely in disagreement. But I did notice that Scofield misspelled “cybercrimes.” It’s one word, not two! By and by, Be Scofield, the FBI probably had a good laugh. I know I did! You are a self-ordained cult bashing Journalist who seeks attention anyway you can get it, and you’re claiming cyberstalking. I’m pretty sure I know what your supposed lawyers, which we all know you have plenty of, and those FBI cyber investigators that you have, at your fingertips, must be thinking right now.  “The muses doe attend upon your throne, with all the world at your beck and call!”

Scofield: “As a highly prominent journalist, exposing and shutting down cults, I’ve been followed, videoed, hacked, slandered, falsely accused, given death threats and repeatedly attacked online.”

Well, not really! That’s what you encourage your unimaginative cult like followers to do to the people you regularly bash in your stories, which you’ve been seen bragging about on Facebook. In this shifty little victim moment, you add: “People want to personally destroy me and kill me.”

Well yes, that might be true. You know that old saying, “do unto others…”

This next part was particularly amusing for me.

Scofield: “Using my digital sleuth skills and a forensic writing analysis program I’ve recently uncovered a multi-layered plot by SEO specialist Alexander Fred to falsely accuse me of rape, defame me and attack my work. He’s used the similarly patterned aliases Robert B. / J. Baxter.”

Wait, wait, there I am, that’s me, J Baxter.

Scofield: “W. Fromm, and one that uses his real first name, Alexander Vera, to write fake news stories and slanderous articles about me.”

And you made that comparison in your secret forensic lab. Is that where you also keep your vampire stakes and holy water?

Scofield: “He built two nearly identically themed websites “Culture or Cult” and “Baxter’s Journal,” setup multiple writer profiles and created a Reddit subthread all solely dedicated to attacking me.

Be Scofield, “sub thread” is two words not one! OK, I’ll confess! I do personally know Fromm. He’s a good friend and masterful international legal investigator who I met years ago in London. He recently did me a favor by investigating one of your pet followers, Anke Richter. She seems to mysteriously appear whenever you desperately need an online testimonial heralding your wonder-work, which struck me as oddly convenient. I asked him to investigate it. Richter is from Germany. Fromm is German. I thought he’d have more access. He posted the article on my site when I was away for a few days rock climbing, out of range from the internet. He sent it to me via my webmaster pal, who I earlier told her Fromm might be submitting some work. She misunderstood that and posted it on my site. When I was connected again, I realized what he wrote was so strongly scathing I decided to take it down. Fromm doesn’t mince words. And, unlike Scofield who is mostly wrong, he never is.  But what he uncovered was dark. Not about Richter, but about you Be Scofield. Don’t worry, yet. I won’t post that unless I have more evidence on what he found.

I am not involved in Culture or Cult like Scofield asserts! I don’t have any articles there, not yet, But I might soon. They seem to be on the right track. It’s a cool site. “Rebels with a cause.” I do however see why you are so intimidated by them. Culture or Cult has allowed a few writers to post their momentous insights on you. Right there for anyone to read:

I’m not Robert B.! I’m not Alexander Vera! I’m not Fromm, and I’m not Alexander Fred! And, I don’t yet interact on Reddit! Could you please post that Reddit link for me? I’d like to read it. Congratulations on your usual thorough “Sleuth” work.

Be Scofield: Both are WordPress sites that use Cloudflare to mask their identities. Both use overseas hosting to avoid US legal and civil prosecution.

Scofield carelessly reveals how she cooks up her articles with this convenient example: She divulges her new Sleuth discovery by correctly stating that Baxter’s Journal website uses WordPress and Cloudflare. She makes that claim as if that is somehow a technical marvel to discover, and that it’s damning evidence! When in fact, that’s very easy to determine, using only grade school computer skills.  She asserts it’s conspiratorial evidence by stating the Culture or Cult website also uses WordPress, and Cloudflare. She asserts, because those websites have those two things in common, and both use an offshore platform, she uncovered definitive evidence that they are one and the same. What she conveniently fails to tell you is WordPress is the single largest website platform in the world. One out of every three websites use WordPress. That would effectively mean one of your two neighbors uses it. In fact, WordPress holds a market share of 34% of all the websites in the world. That adds up to approximately 2,200,000,000 WordPress users. She also fails to tell you she too uses WordPress as her website platform. And she too uses Cloudflare. And she too uses an offshore platform. Cloudflare is a free service that has over 193 data centers around the world, with over 20,000,000 users. If we read her claim of evidence the way she presents it, that would mean Scofield is the actual owner of Culture or Cult, and Baxter’s Journal website. Keep this in mind: That’s precisely how she writes her stories, like a shell game, that relies on people’s ignorance of facts.

Be Scofield, you wrote in this article about a rape allegation, claiming it can’t be verified. Before I go any further, I feel I should say, that was such a tragic story. Erin, my heart sincerely goes out to you. And Scofield, thank you for bringing this story to my attention. I genuinely feel for this young man. But, you’re right, it obviously can’t be verified. Because he didn’t leave his whole name, I can’t track him. But honestly, I don’t think I would, at least not beyond verifying his existence. I imagine you already sleuthed this: Cult-or-culture has a top of the page policy that asserts they won’t reveal who wrote a story unless they have permission to do so. They guarantee anonymity by deleting any logs and emails from their files so they can’t be found later by someone infiltrating or digging in other ways. Smart! I might start offering that guarantee myself. Conversely, I can’t really say if my compassion for him is rightly placed. I do believe it is! I decided to do a little sleuthing on my own. It’s mostly called “fact checking.” I know that’s not something you feel is necessary when you write your stories. After all, you have your astrologer and those exorcism moments when your body starts shaking with a transmission from somewhere. Fact checking; something you might try Be.

This is what I found out using my fact checking “Sleuth” skills:

  1. Fact — Regarding Erin’s allegations that you sexually assaulted him; It appears you were there in Berkeley nine years ago, just like Erin claimed.
  2. Fact — You said you didn’t use the name Robert then, But you did, just like Erin claimed. You even used that name online in your writings, here is one of many examples:  
  3. Fact — You were still a man then. Just like Erin claimed.
  4. Fact — The restaurant in Berkeley he claimed you ate at is real, and it was open for business then.
  5. Fact — The Berkeley Pegasus bookstore he claimed you met him at is real, and was open for business then.
  6. Fact — You said Erin claimed you were at a party at your seminary, scoffing that Erin said you brought him a beer in front of adults.  Erin did not say you were at the seminary, and he wrote there were other college level people there. Not just adults. Nice try at changing the narrative!
  7. Fact — You seem to have misrepresented the truth when you said you know nothing about drugs. Erin said you gave him a joint with “angel dust.” He said you called it that. I have not personally ever heard of angel dust. And yet, you claim to be drug-uninformed and somehow know its PCP. Hmmm? How do you know that? You’re slipping up Be!
  8. Fact — You claim to have suffered genital dysphoria then. While that might be true, let’s not imagine that is a malformation of your penis. It’s not, it’s psychological and doesn’t block your libido or your sexual functioning like you insinuate. It’s not a mental disease, though it does produce a strong dissatisfaction with being the gender that you are. That must be difficult, but good results can come from a sex change. I write this solely for the reader. I also spoke with a licensed sex therapist who informed me that it’s not common, but some individuals experience periods of extreme anger that can result from feeling trapped or frustrated. Which could lead acting out that anger. This isn’t common, but it is possible. Possibly exercised through victimizing others. It could even lead to an aggressive blame-anger behavior in relation to God. Which immediately struck a chord in me when I heard it. Could that be why you are so obsessed with destroying anything to do with spiritual groups or teachers? I was told this isn’t common, it’s the exception. But I also read Robert B’s article on hostile sociopaths that featured you. In that kind of circumstance, it can make sense.
  9. Fact — You said, back then, you lived with five other women, so that pad you took Erin to couldn’t be real. I would have to agree with that. You would not have taken Erin to your women’s pad. But you have repeatedly bragged online about staying at multiple places. Would anyone take their victim to their home? It’s possible you could have taken him somewhere else. There’s no proof of anything in your statement. Only a seeming insinuation.  
  10. Fact — You wrote you had no interest in using your penis sexually with women and you didn’t want to use it with men. I did some background checking. According to some of your early school chums. You did! Specifically, with men!
  11. Fact: You said because Erin was fourteen, he couldn’t buy a ticket home on a plane. That is not necessarily true. He could have contacted his mother to buy one for him and have it waiting at the airport.
  12. Fact — You said he was too poor to buy a ticket. You know that, yet you claim not to know him? And, how does that even make sense? In any case, you allegedly only spent one day with him.
  13. Fact — You said Erin cannot name his brother. I read the article very carefully. Erin didn’t say that! Erin said he wouldn’t say who he was out of obvious concern for what would happen. Reasonably so, specifically because he can no longer adequately prove what happened nine years ago.
  14. Fact — You assert: Mailfence is a highly encrypted and secure system based in Belgium designed to prevent the tracking of one’s identity. It’s also outside of US legal jurisdiction. Only hackers and geeks use this, not your average user. It’s a clear sign that Erin is highly sophisticated and tech-savvy. Sorry Be! Mailfence is huge. People all around the world use it. Yes, mostly people who don’t want to be surveilled buy NSA or Online marketers. But anyone, not only tech savvy persons, can use it. It’s very easy to use, and a smart choice if you don’t want to be named. It’s also used by many journalists.
  15. Fact — You wrote, “Alexander Fred is building a network of interlinked websites and social media accounts to destroy and ruin you, and is most likely being funded by the cults you’ve exposed.” That is just paranoid nonsense. Or maybe its deflection from the truth that people are fed up with your fake news and lies? Be Scofield, you sound a lot like that gasping trout here.

Scofield, in your article, you state the following:

“Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass an individual, group, or organization…It may include false accusations, defamation, slander, and libel…” I’m hopeful that working with the proper authorities will lead to a conviction. He’s also severely defamed me and I am pursuing a lawsuit against him.”

Are you talking about me, Robert B, or one of those two Alexanders? Or, are you talking about yourself? Isn’t that definition exactly what you do for a living. Stalk, harass, online and offline, and use defamation, slander, and libel to get your intention across? Isn’t that exactly what you do?

I have already contacted several of your past targets and am getting some interesting information on your deceitful tactics and lies. And I’m doing it pro bono. Soon. I’ll be publishing my findings on “Baxter’s Journal,” and a few on “”  if they allow me that. And maybe I’ll write a few things on that Reddit sub thread. I believe it’s time that you felt a little of what you’ve been dishing out so cruelly and deceptively for the last nine years

If Erin, Alexander Fred, Alexander Vera, or Robert B have opportunity to read this, and wish to contact me, I am open to listening and learning. If there’s more to this story, or if there’s another story in waiting, I’ll do my best to present it frankly and fairly to the public. I guarantee anonymity to anyone who helps source a story for me, as I have always done. You can contact me here at this web address.

To the rest of you readers out there that have been hurt by Scofield, or have finally had enough of her toxic journalism: If you would like to tell your story regarding how you were wronged and lied about, please contact me. I’m here, and I’m willing. With that said; please don’t contact me if you hope to only pass along emotionally charged information that is not true. This is sometimes a grey area in journalistic research. If you’ve been unfairly assaulted or defamed there are most likely painful emotions involved. I won’t be able to convey those emotions for you. Journalism requires responsible ethical standards that I am obligated to follow. Although, I will be judiciously considerate of your feelings and will do my utmost to include the aura of your concerns.

I’m an honest and ethical investigative journalist who has seen enough. I’m willing to follow this story and its sideline stories to their end.  I have the right in following the First Amendment rules of Freedom of Speech, provided me by law as a free journalist to investigate any good and honest story. This one here, is a sad one about a dying trout, although I think people might enjoy reading it, and the sequels to come.

5 Replies to “The Trout, a Shell Game, and Be Scofield”

  1. GOBSMACKED, FLABBERGASTED, you’ve blown my mind. Wow! You’ve got the gift Baxter. Five stars!
    I love this! So funny and so good to see. Her articles have never fooled me though. I thought for a long time, I was alone in my bewilderment on why she’s so supported. Viewing her Facebook site I saw that she completely controls the comments and content, so much so, that no one will ever know what’s really being said. Clever and stupid. Clever, because she never has any downside. Stupid for underestimating people in the long run. It all comes around eventually. Anyone who is aware can see though it. Maybe now people can see a little more on what people really think.

  2. This is very revealing. I find it hard to believe anyone really cares what she has to say. She’s not all that interesting, just an angry misfit with some kind of sick and troublesome agenda. I don’t understand why you would waste your writing talents on her. She’s nobody. If anyone reads her stuff why not just let them believe what they want. If they can’t see through that garbage, then they are not likely to a worthy reader anyway. Reading just one of her articles it took me short of 5 minutes to realize how completely weird and nonsensical her writings are. I did enjoy reading this though.
    Thanks, Savanna

  3. I laughed half way through this, and then I realized, this isn’t really funny. Scofield is just like that! However, it’s a good way to present it, with a little humor mixed in. Sadly, not enough people know who she is, so this article won’t mean much to most people. But not many people knowing who she is, is probably best. But, for those who do know her, this is gold. Or maybe I should say fools gold. Because there’s really no good reason to want to know this sham blogger. Thanx Baxter, I’m looking forward to your future posts. You might want to add a membership signup feature.

  4. I see all your points here. Their well laid out and realistic. My question is do you believe what I believe? That Be Scofield is a past pedophile? My sister is married to a transgender. She said its not true that you won’t use your penis to have sex if you go through genital dysphoria like Be Scofield claims. She said its acutally gender dysphoria. Anyone can go through it. Some people get over it and some don’t. She also said, that condition doesn’t define who you are, or change what your abusive tendencies are. Sex can also be about power. Gender dysphoria is more a struggle with identity, that leads to more choices.

  5. How does someone like Be Scofield, who runs a hate cult, get away with accusing you Baxter of cyberstalking? Yes, cyber stalking is bad, but as far as I can see, you are following a story thread that found Be Scofield to be the object of focus. Imagine if a few of Be Scofield’s victims would have sought the same cyberstalking charges, they would probably have had justice a long time ago. But alas, it doesn’t work that way. You are only cyberstalking if you are actually trying to endanger someone and work at it continuously. Reporting the truth is not that. I also went to read the Erin article on that other website. It doesn’t say that the owners of Culture and Cult agree. It simply says, they were willing to let Erin post after he let his presence be verified. Be Scofield is so full of Bullshit spins, it makes my blood boil. If anyone is out of integrity and a real cyberstalker, it’s her! Great article above Baxter. Keep it up. We all deserve to know what you uncover. I do wish there was a news link sign up on your site so I’d know when future stories are up.

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