Toxic Spirituality? Or, Be Scofield’s Toxic Journalism

When we think of freedom of speech, we might look with appreciation and gratefulness toward the insightful work and foresight our American forefathers labored into law. Ensuring us our right to convey our ideas and views fearlessly and transparently. The First Amendment was implemented on December 15, 1791, as a portion of the Bill of Rights, the initial ten amendments to the US Constitution. It established legislative safeguards for varied and distinct liberties, affecting freedom of speech, right to assemble, and the right to worship in whatever fashion. Upholding our right to communicate our opinions, even disliked or objectionable ones, without fear of government censorship. But not all speech is protected. Conducts of speech not insulated under the First Amendment include any expression or display of immoral sexual material, such as child pornography. Protections also exclude speech that incites illegal activities or crimes, or that involves plagiarism of copyrighted materials. And, unquestionably, the First Amendment does not protect defamation, libel, and slander. I sense it’s necessary to emphasize, it includes that everyone in the United States has the right to practice his or her own religion, or no religion at all.

To be clear: Libel is published, broadcast, or digitized, online defamation of character, as opposed to spoken defamation of character. Vocalized defamation of character is slander. Libelous publications basically involve false or harmful statements that are communicated to someone other than the person being libeled. It can involve anything from a text or article that’s copied and spread to only a few, or through an online or physical newspaper article with multitudes of subscribers. It’s libel when those efforts expose any person or group of persons to hatred, humiliation, disgrace, contempt or mockery. Or, when it injures any person’s reputation and causes them to be eschewed or avoided. Or, when it injures their work or occupation. Libel is not protected by freedom of speech!

Certainly, anything that’s provable isn’t libel. But this article isn’t about what’s provable; it’s about the precise opposite, it’s about a total disregard for both real facts and the resulting damage done to innocent person’s lives in the deceptive pretense of investigative journalism. It’s about the premeditated libelous efforts of an online blogger named Be Scofield, who has for the last nine years gotten away with, and scammed her public viewers into believing she is “the chosen one”, the “toxic spirituality” watchdog for the world, who is fittingly beyond reproach and sanctioned by the US, First Amendment.

You might ask; if it’s defamation, why has she been able to go on with it so long? Why hasn’t she been stopped? The answer rests in understanding the distinctions between our US civil and criminal laws. Civil cases typically involve private disputes between persons or groups. Criminal cases involve activities that are considered harmful to society as a whole, and are subsequently deliberated as offenses against the city, state, county, or federal government, which thenceforth involves governmental jurisdiction of prosecution. Libel is a civil crime. In simpler terms, if you’ve been defamed, don’t expect your government to come to your aid. It’s up to you, the claimant, to bring the offender to court through an attorney. And, if you are like the majority of US citizens, you don’t have six months to a year of legal processing time, and many thousands of dollars to redistribute into your attorney’s bank accounts… Need I say more?

In Be Scofield’s unique paradigm, it’s even more complicated and difficult. She rarely stays in one place long, and never answers her phone. She does this specifically to make it close to impossible to serve her. On balance, the average citizen doesn’t have the able means governmental law enforcement does. She brags about being an outlaw digital strategist. Which I’ll begrudgingly admit; she’s fairly good at. She researches and surfs the web using an untraceable VPN, and posts her defaming articles on FB, (Mark Zuckerberg unfailingly doesn’t care about online libel), and on her Gurumag website that she set up in Iceland, outside US jurisdiction. She’s created a shady alliance with a number of malefactor conspiracy theorists who have similar websites, that more than eagerly post anything she sends them. She has an abundance of aliases, which she deceptively uses to comment admiringly on her own posts for all to faun over, and digitally blocks anyone who might comment against her favor. She crowd-funds regularly for cash, which she salts with a few falsified donations under her own aliases, just to get things rolling, all the while feigning a suffering lifestyle. That’s a fairly effective strategy that took her several years to perfect.

I was recently contacted by a sharp-minded private investigator that lightheartedly referred to himself as “Sleuth Legalos.” After reading one of my recent articles that named Scofield, he hoped to make use of any material I might have gathered. After a bit of back-and-forth laughter and an abundance of humorous sarcasm, I realized he was far more informed than I was. Which led me to ask if he knew how much of her online profile is real.

He answered, “It’s hard to say. But, an increase in background chatter in her sway of influence conspicuously suggests that a few of her closer allies either have knowledge of, or are catching on to more going on monetarily than meets the public eye. It appears her crowd funding may just be a clever cover that supports her carefully strategized underdog championing profile. It appears there might be a stealth company of wealthy religious fanatics, and possibly a few foreign entities, who are secretly funding her unique needs that are committed to the downfall of any newly emerging or highly influential spiritual groups. In particular, subsidizing her travel fees, housing and food costs, digital expenses, and if ever needed, any legal costs. If true, her crowd funding effectively serves as a laundering scam that explains her ability to always have the required funds to do what she intends.” 

As I am writing this, I can’t help wonder if the IRS has any tax forms they’d like to send her?

For those of you who don’t yet know who Be Scofield is, which is very likely, she’s a transgender writer who fancies herself to be a guru destroyer or spiritual group nightmare Journalist. Though blogger would be a more apt term. In a few instances she’s been fairly successful in causing very real reputation damage to the persons or groups she targets. But more often than not, she’s shrugged off as insignificant. Which would be more frequent if her strategy was a bit less honed to take advantage of her target’s follower’s viewing influence. Due to Google’s algorithms and “Cambridge Analytics” brand of tracking policies, anyone who can get enough attention, regardless of how or why, quickly climbs in Google’s search engine ranking. That’s the unfortunate outcome of Google’s commercial aspiration to get what it blindly believes you want into your online searches. Equally, regardless of the obvious, too many people continue to misguidedly believe if it’s on the Internet it must be true, particularly if it’s dark and scandalous. After all, who would dare to openly publish something libelous? Their material would certainly get pulled down and they’d be sued, —right? Well no! Just about anyone can lie up a storm and say just about anything they want on the Internet —and get away with it. Especially if they belong to Facebook, or have a website located outside US jurisdiction, and are effectively able to dodge being served any legal subpoenas.

Be Scofield first caught my attention when she posted a hit piece on her Gurumag website on Bentinho Massaro. I’d previously been contacted by a Microsoft buddy from Seattle asking if I’d consider doing a piece on him as “an inspiring rising star and newest phenomenon in the corporate guru world.” I told him I’d look into it. Before I’d gotten two steps into my research, I learned people were already blindsided, stunned, and agape at what just happened. What most surprised me wasn’t so much that Scofield had written her poorly executed attack on Massaro, filled with obvious nonsense, it was that so many of his mainstream viewers ran headlong into her takedown strategy, carefully reading her trashy fiction as if somehow it had some measure of merit to it. As a result, regardless of Scofield’s distinct lack of journalistic savoir-faire, she went from virtually unknown and insignificance, to close to 200,000 readers in only a few weeks. Readers she later fraudulently claimed were her followers. No, they weren’t her followers! She actually caters only to a paltry few who cling to her like a demigod from a malice-spewing dreamland! Those were all Massaro’s followers trying to sort out what was going on. Unfortunately for Massaro, Google’s AI analytics kicked in and shot her threadbare blog site into a much higher level of search engine rankings. It is precisely here where we might take a moment to consider the very real dangers posed by Google’s merciless surveillance analytics.

Honestly, I was moderately shocked myself. Here was a guy who had no previous criticisms to speak of, who was universally admired, had a devoted following of highly intelligent people, and was philosophically in tune with our times, —who was suddenly thrown against the wall as if he had committed some kind of unforgivable crimes. My first impression was genuinely curious, why would anybody take Scofield’s toxic rants seriously? Her piece was so easily discernable as contrived prattle spiked with obviously bogus sensationalism, faked quotes, wild insinuations and loads of misdirected facts. Regrettably, after she published, Massaro didn’t stand up and fight, even after his corporate gigs were canceled due to their shareholder’s fear of a scandal. He could easily have proven libel damages and taken Scofield down then and there. Instead, he retreated back home to mom and pop in the Netherlands. I would have preferred he would first have considered taking a few coaching lessons from Tony Robbins. Notwithstanding, I sincerely recommend that you take the time to read the below article written by Alexander Vera.

As she commonly does, Scofield infiltrated incognito into one of Massaro’s symposiums to drudge up any material she might use to smear his image. Having spoken directly to a few individuals who met and conversed with Scofield, I learned that she had premeditatedly come with an agenda to feverishly persecute Massaro; and was fully prepared to brand him as an evil cult leader, with no foreknowledge of what he taught or believed. When she negatively prodded a few of Massaro’s Symposium attendees for the goods, if any of them tried to say anything that countered her assertions, she quickly brushed them off as ill-informed and brainwashed, and moved on in search of someone more pliable. She openly brags in her hit piece that she was urged on by some kind of higher providence that she received while lying in her bed that caused her to shimmy and shake until she succumbed to her call to destiny.

She wrote, “I laid on my bed and felt a cosmic download. My body was overwhelmed with tingles from head to toe. My body started to shake. I couldn’t move. I felt surges of power pulsing through me. I just knew it. I had to stop this guy.”

That sounds suspiciously like cult babble, if you ask me. On the other hand, she did first consult her astrologer-lieutenant, MelaLuna Moonbeam, in Asheville, North Carolina, for the best star-time to assault Massaro. 

Scofield’s attack on Massaro was nothing short of an old-fashioned Catholic inquisitional witch burning, camouflaged in a pretense of Journalistic watchdog news. In her article, she used pictures of Massaro colored up in a Halloween Joker costume to make him appear as if that was his secretly dark profile. Then persecuted his principles along with his right to believe, as if that freedom was in some way a crime against God. The right to believe in any way, or not to believe is, by the way, everyone’s freedom, established in our US Bill of Rights as an essential human safeguard against bigoted people like Be Scofield. 

She openly revealed to numerous persons her pre-planned intentions to ruin Massaro’s reputation by whatever means necessary, regardless of what she might unearth. Did Massaro not recognize, possibly being a Netherland born man, and not being familiar with US law, that in the US that’s the very definition of civil malice, and exactly what he needed to sue her for defamation. Prior to witnessing what she did and wrote on Massaro, never had I witnessed such a devious and abusive use of journalism, done for the purpose of smearing a target individual just to get the attention she desired to further her online image. Unhappily, her online abuses didn’t stop there. Massaro’s story only emboldened her to do worse works thereafter. 

It’s necessary to mention that Scofield predictably recycles a few of her prime sensationalism tactics that she uses to attack her targets. She uses accusative catchword terms like cult, guru, and sexual abuse more than any other. Why? Because they’re highly targeted or pursued on the Internet. But notably, there’s an all too obvious contradiction in her sexual abuse accusations, which anyone might discover if they ever chose to delve deeper into Scofield’s secret personal pastimes. “Pussywitch,” a self-styled sex instructor, whose real name is Sara Luna Dietrich, is one of Scofield’s staples. Sara has written a series of sex blogs like “Fuck Foreplay”, “Wildest Fantasies,” “Loving Fiercely,” “BDSM,” “Period Sex,” and “Transforming Pussy Pain into Pleasure,” to name only a few. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not puritanistic, or in any way judgmental of people’s sexual preferences, but Scofield is passionate about Pussywitch, and at the same time equally passionate about bashing any spiritual persons or groups who show the slightest liberty in their sexual attitude, which she uses unabashedly to emphasize her sell. That spiritual people are all opportune perverts. She attacks them with a zest, with exception given to those sex groups she herself attends. According to one woman I spoke with, who we’ll just name Cindy, who claims to know her and her habits intimately, Scofield is a demonstrable sex addict, who spends most of her off time in extreme pseudo Tantra sex workshops, multi-partner bacchanalia, and indulging in her special sexual rubdown massages. Now before you go off and claim, I might be doing my own brand of bashing here, I want to assure you, unlike Scofield, I checked and double checked all of my sources. I don’t insinuate and don’t twist facts to suite an agenda. I had these statements confirmed by at least two other Scofield amigos. This knowledge did not come from her enemies; it was given to me uncoerced from her slightly disenchanted acquaintances. I bring this up, not because I’m calling out any odd sexual behavior. I am bringing it up because she just recently published her full out online attack on another spiritual guru, Mooji. That she claims is a ruthless sexual predator, who has way too much sex, and lives promiscuously with numerous young women in his Portuguese compound. Before you jump to any conclusions about Mooji, please take into account that Scofield is a serial liar who presents her stories with little-to-no-regard for the truth. She attacks these groups primarily to get the press coverage that results from the commotion she generates when tossing about those highly attractive and favored search engine terms, in this case all three, sexual abuse, cult, and guru.

Approximately a year ago, when travelling through Portugal, I spent a couple of days visiting Mooji’s “compound.” And, I’ll confess, it did call up memories of those long-ago hippie free love rebellions, along with my early memories of when my parents shared their kid stories of the love generation and Woodstock. I could easily accept that the people visiting or staying there, young and old, were fully dedicated to that kind of free revolution lifestyle. No one there was twisting their arms to stay. In fact, all the visitors I came in contact with were relatively joyous.

I haven’t concluded my research on Scofield’s assault on Mooji yet. It’s a complicated mess and a networking nightmare to wade through. But, after viewing and dissecting Scofield’s mean and determined hit-piece article, I was again shaking my head in disbelief.  How in the world could any intelligent reader get through all that phony Scofield psychobabble and not walk away feeling dirtied? I want to make it clear, Scofield has never met Mooji, and undoubtedly, by what she indicates in her article has never read or watched anything he has written or taught open-mindedly. I’m personally not a fan of Mooji’s Advaita, but I can quite easily allow anyone’s right to believe. Scofield focused on one thing alone; write anything, regardless of how preposterous it may be, to shade Mooji in a bad light. Plainly nothing fresh or unusual for her there! She filled her pages with wild sexual conspiracies, and verifiably false witnesses, while outright attempting to misdirect her readers away from any real or genuine critical thinking. There’s not one iota of neutral honest journalism in her entire article.

Scofield regularly pokes her nasty stick at anyone she can find who may get her some press. Which speaks into Sleuth Legolas’s notion, that her agenda may be secretly much broader than just a few guru takedown efforts. It unmistakably smacks of servicing a deeper more sinister agenda that includes doing damage to any charismatic spiritual leader or group who might exert an influence on our global free-thinking spiritual communities. Does that suggest a fear-driven agenda that works to keep people shackled to the world’s mind dominating religions? If so, then who does that actually serve?

The list of Scofield’s targets is extensive, including highly thought of and illustrious names like, Ken Wilber, Craig Hamilton, Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Aaravindha Himadra, Mooji, Teal Swan, Terry Patten, Dali lama, Uma Inder, TJ Bartel, Andrew Barnes, Robert Masters, Padma Aon Prakasha and Alex Vartman. Please forgive me if I missed anyone. This does seem like quite a celebrated list that most any spiritual teacher would enjoy being part of, given any other circumstances.

Before Scofield’s assault on Mooji, she landed her mordant gaze on Aaravindha Himadra, another international spiritual teacher who she claims she pre-auditioned for an attack through her shimmy and shake download process. But not before announcing herself as “the most prominent writer in the world exposing cults and abusive gurus.” I am not yet sure how, or why anyone would want to compete with that entitlement?  My first thought when I read that was, should I be impressed or disgusted?

Her assault on Himadra was, in my opinion, nothing short of criminal. A “Frameup” is the legal term when someone knowingly tries to frame someone of a crime. Let me reiterate: In the US perpetrating a Frameup is criminal! In my professional journalistic perspective, that is precisely what Scofield tried to do with the help of two underhanded cohorts. Does she even realize that can lead to real jail time? I can see why she opted to go that way. I searched high and low through Himadra’s work profile, read his book, Immortal Self, read a few of his articles, and spoke with many people who either know him or are familiar with his teachings, and then read through an endless stream of testimonials, and couldn’t find anything that Scofield could have sunk her fangs in to justify her usual “Cult-Guru-Sex” attacks. I learned of only three or four embittered students who had over the last decade not moved on without first throwing a few punches, but there just wasn’t anything that stood out as cultish. I’m now convinced Scofield ran into that same lack of cult material. Consequently, she resorted to not only libel; she consorted criminally to do him as much harm as possible through inspiring a Frameup attempt.

Keep an eye out. I’ll be posting Himadra’s story, along with a few more Scofield’s victims in a follow-up article, which I’ll publish under my new copyrighted title:

“Mother Justice, —How Be Scofield Duped Her!”

I am aware that Himadra is presently suing Scofield for Civil defamation, which has kept him precautious and watchful with what he was willing to reveal. In our phone conversation, he apologetically stated, “I’m not at liberty to disclose too much at this time, due to the potential of any leaked information acting as interference to our legal suit.” He also indicated he’s not interested in vengeance for what she did, or in any way looking to punish her. He simply wants to set things right. I can certainly appreciate that, but honestly, —a little vengeance might give some of her other past victims some worthwhile relief.

I haven’t concluded my research yet, there’s quite a bit yet to do. But I can definitely say I hadn’t previously seen her go to such extreme lengths in online trickery as she did in her effort to destroy Himadra’s reputation. She strove to Frameup Himadra in a heinous crime that didn’t actually happen fourteen years ago. She completely twisted up the suicide death of a 52-year-old woman, Carla Jean Shaffer, who the Himadra’s had only come to know cursorily. The Himadras knew Carla, but she was apparently a relatively new acquaintance, who the Himadra’s had minimal contact with. The case was closed fourteen years ago, after an extensive investigation, which is common in situations like that. Himadra was never considered a person of interest when the investigation was in force. He had absolutely no motive and no opportunity. But that didn’t stop Scofield. She chose to blatantly ignore the lawful verdict on the cause of death, which clearly stated, no drugs and no foul play. She decided in its stead to rewrite history to conveniently suit her plans. Scofield cooked up the theater, the settings, and many of the characters in her article to convince her audience that the law was wrong, and her “special” divination method of astrology, quivering surges, and preposterous false testimonials, were the real deal.

More’s information is coming in my collection of follow-up stories, so I’ll keep this short. The first attempt Scofield perpetrated was to cast Himadra as dubious, by quoting a few statements he had made about Miss Shaffer, a select few of which contradicted a long-term student’s comments. As it turns out, that student, who I’ll call David, was not in-the-know. He apparently was only guessing offhandedly when he offered his answers to Scofield’s deceptively disguised phone interview. Later, after a longer and more careful effort to remember back fourteen years, he corrected those answers on his own volition. Once David read her published online hit piece, he felt deeply regretful for being duped, and recorded his more properly considered answers under oath in an affidavit that he sent Himadra and his lawyers. That affidavit apparently reads entirely in favor, rather than in contradiction to Himadra’s statements. Scofield refused to publish that fact, and also refused to remove the false contradictory answers because they better complemented her agenda. Her second attempt was to use a cohort’s quote and a few senseless insinuations that accused Himadra of an attack that took place in Miss Shaffer’s Orcas Island home that inevitably served as a forerunner to Miss Shaffer’s death. —Another provable lie. Himadra and his wife were away during the time of Miss Shaffer’s ill-fated incidents. They were away on a teaching tour in Europe for those two months when Miss Shaffer had undergone those traumas. Even though the Himadras had unmitigated passport evidence and witnesses that confirmed their long absence, Scofield pressed on with her lies. Scofield’s debauchery goes on and on in her hit piece on Himadra, with her predictable unrelenting air that indicates she will do anything to destroy any spiritual leader’s reputation, even to the point of criminality, in an ostensibly blind duty to something that’s still a half-lit mystery to me. Could this have something to do with Legolas’s investigation? Or is it due to some unremitting anger toward God? I can’t honestly say.

What I learned while writing this, and what surprises me to no end, is that very soon after Himadra’s lawyer served Scofield her lawsuit summons, she very quickly mustered up a high-powered pro bono attorney, named Tim Cunningham. This oddity not only vexes me, it throws my usual sense of reliable logic into a WTF tailspin. —Why? What right-minded lawyer would do that? He must have been either blind in reading her online menagerie of articles, or is desperately driven for media attention. Or is he just a dedicated Scofield fan? Or is there some other secret influential voice of authority spurring him on?

For me, the problem uncovered here, goes far beyond Scofield, or this retro-trend of attacking our freedom to choose what we want to believe. The real issue our online readers must face now is unquestionably how do we as a free society keep our liberty of press honest and clean in our online communities that are increasingly assailed by those fake news journalists like Scofield? Mind and emotion manipulators, who so willingly foul the playing field for their own ailing agendas? This is no easy task! What if we fail? What are the consequences when we can no longer trust in the good works of those genuinely dedicated few that would give us the real news and knowledge we require? To learn, act on, and guide our future course. What will become of us as a free society if we allow those odious bigots, who would so maliciously tread on our natural human right to believe to triumph? There’s a clear and distinct bash-um’ fashion haunting our collective awareness today. It’s time we ask, who is controlling that? Are you aware enough to step back, to think for yourselves, or is it already too late? Have you already succumbed to the mind deafening assaults of those online fear manipulators who threaten to control the free collective through their strategically deceptive tactics?



Be Scofield’s World of Wonders

Be Scofield’s World of Wonders

J. Baxter

When I received an email from a former mole in Be Scofield’s inner circle, notifying me that she was able to net a Pro Bono lawyer from a high-powered law firm, I nearly dropped my morning latte in my lap. Why would any respectable attorney even consider defending such an obvious offender for free, donating his or her work to wrangle an unmistakably innocent couple that filed a defensive lawsuit against her for defamation? My interaction with a number of attorneys in the past has led me to realize, most attend tactically to their image. If even a semi-aware attorney would invest but a few minutes into viewing the unsophisticated nonsense presented in Be Scofield’s writings, they’d easily spot the contrived prate she regularly peddles to her online devotees. In genuine disbelief, I decided to find out more. 

After enquiring around and perusing a number of Tim Cunningham’s profiled cases, I couldn’t perceive anything that indicated he is in any way as obtuse as he appears in taking on that Scofield lawsuit. I was at a loss. When that happens, the common approach for most investigative journalists like myself is to refine an unobvious query through elimination. After jettisoning possibility after possibility, what still remains is likely the answer. Per se, the axiomatic last man standing is Cunningham appears to lack a moral compass. He seems to have a general disregard for the obvious damage Scofield exacts on innocent lives, and the resulting ordeals of the blameless. He seems more interested in displaying his argument for freedom of speech than he is concerned for civil or moral justice. I say this with some confidence as he had a choice. Offering Pro Bono, he was not pre-indebted to be neutral. The only remaining incentive that appears to make any sense is that Scofield promised Cunningham media coverage, clearly coming at the cost of the public figures she’s defaming. This makes most sense because this kind of tactic is right up Scofield’s alley. As a crude unethical blogger, she has a relatively small audience. To effectively sponge up the recognition she craves Scofield strategically draws her sought after attention from the followers belonging to the persons she defames. Sadly, Google analytics unwittingly supports that. My sense is that she was successful in tempting Cunningham into taking that bait.

I nearly halted my interests there. After my initial research commotion, I began asking myself the question, why do I care? Why concern myself with the insignificant drivel coming from an irrelevant tabloid blogger? I have plenty of other paid writing engagements that are calling. I was about to close my laptop, when I found myself unexpectedly paralyzed with the realization, this is exactly how true journalism dies. When those who care stop caring and allow the noble voice of genuine journalism to be soiled with the angry neurosis driven efforts of the broken, the entire world sufferers. True journalism is meant to be the voice of truth in our global communities. Scofield is not that voice. She is the offshoot of a festering hatred; apparently born of a pain she is unable to face and deal with internally. When that happens, the beast comes forward to do the damage. We are then willed the voice of more hatred in an ailing medium that urgently requires more love and insight. Change doesn’t come from indifference, it comes through caring.

Viewing her Facebook pages, I found her to be fully engrossed in feeding her followers needs for more of her antagonistic form of entertainment, while making herself appear as if she is the victim of an attempted injustice in being litigated for defamation. This is for any intelligent reader nonsensical. The plaintiffs who are suing her are clearly not addressing her right to free speech. I am myself a staunch defender of that. Defamation is not protected by freedom of speech. Defamation refers to false statements of fact that harm another’s reputation. Defamatory comments often include false comments that a person committed a particular crime or engaged in certain sexual activities. That is precisely what Scofield has done.

I haven’t been successful in contacting the lawsuit plaintiffs to ask them for their perspective in this Pro Bono issue. I’ve only been able to examine Scofield’s present and absurd world of wonders. This doesn’t offer much of a balanced view. Fair perspective doesn’t live there. She unquestionably deletes all comments that might come in to threaten her authority or dares to challenge her control over her audience. There’s only a carefully managed one-way view of things. What comes through there is her intentions to do the plaintiff’s further harm through writing more defaming material. And it appears her audience may be willing to pay for the show. She began a new go-fund-me effort, hoping to get some more cash for her prowling efforts.

I don’t believe her motivation here is anger at being challenged. I believe it is now pure fear that drives her actions. This will undoubtedly backfire. It doesn’t require much insight to see that kind of offensive action speaks more of terror than confidence. A confident journalist could just sit back, and let the lawyers have all the room they need to find an amenable outcome. Or, she could just let the defaming article drop away. It wouldn’t really be questioned if it quietly disappeared. Her renewed aggressions speak more of her crumbling world that is about to come tumbling down. Her efforts to do more damage reveal fear clearly has her by the throat.  I have seen this a number of times before. When that happens, judgement wanes. More aggression effectually equates to losing your cool. It won’t take her audience of sharks long to see that as well. Once they smell the fear and sense her blood in the water, they’ll begin to turn on her and she’ll become the fodder.